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The Band

Nannette Cyr - Vocals

Nannette Cyr's professional singing career began at the age of 16 as lead vocalist for Jedi, a Rock & Roll/Top 40 Band. One of their regular gigs was at the Marina Yacht Club in San Francisco, and they played the San Francisco Circuit for a year.

At 25, Cyr joined In Shadow, a three-piece Top 40 band, and performed all over Northern California. Performing in various hotels, clubs, and corporate and private parties, Cyr honed her singing talent to appeal to every type of audience.

Then at 26, she joined a Motown Review Band called Mo Colors. As the lead vocalist, she cut her first CD entitled Mo Colors. Simultaneously, Nannette sang forRoses Outlaws, a three-piece Rock n Roll band which showcased all over Northern California. In 1995, Roses Outlaws performed on board the USS Kansas City. They were met with rave reviews, and the officers and crew of this historic battleship had the time of their lives. Furthermore, her nine year stint with Roses Outlaws resulted in first place honors in "The Battle of the Bands" which was held in San Francisco that same year.

At 35, Cyr transitioned to Country/Blue Grass music, joining the Kountry Kays as a background vocalist. The band performed various gigs in San Francisco and Northern California, including performances at Slim's, Moscone Center, a party for Mayor Willie Brown, The Paradise Lounge, and a live performance on KPIG-FM in Santa Cruz.

Currently, Cyr is the lead vocalist of The Hudson Street Band. The six-piece band regularly performs in Night Clubs all over Northern California. Marvin Gaye, Joe Crocker, The Dixie Chicks, Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, and Aretha Franklin are Cyr's major influences. The band's self titled CD is currently available.


Albert Mughannam - Guitar and Vocals  

A SF Bay Area native, Albert started playing guitar at age 12, and learned his first chords from his mother. His first band was the Springwood Sabotage Intelligence Center (SSIC). More a gang than a band, members played air guitar using brooms and mops. His first performance was at Queen of Apostles church in front of the congregation, a truly terrifying and nearly career-ending ordeal. Persistence paid off, and the terrifying ordeals eventually morphed into more rewarding musical endeavors. Albert plays rock, blues, country, folk, and currently plays a Tradition guitar purchased from Jerry Reid (how did I get so lucky?). Albert has played with The Residents Band, The Rolling Tones (opened for Little Charlie and the Nightcats), Burnt Toast, The Original Blue Boar Band, and currently The Hudson Street Band, Tall Dark and Handsome, and Mid Life Crysis (aka Crocker Rockers). Mom's only comment these days is "turn that *&^&% down"!!!



J.J. White - Harmonica

Like many harmonica players, J.J.'s original involvement with his little instrument was with pure Blues, but he has since expanded his sound and repertoire to play with many different kinds of bands and musicians. J.J. brings a unique style and approach to the harp that has him playing not only classic amplified and acoustic Blues riffs like many players, but also horn lines and organ-like fills that blend well with Rock, Funk, and Soul. His goal is always to expand the harmonica beyond its expected boundaries, and his sound is influenced by his deep love and knowledge of many different genres of American roots music.

J.J. also plays regularly throughout the Bay Area with the successful and well received roots rock band, Front Porch. His varied creative background has included professional stand-up comedy, live theatre, and independent filmmaking.


John Lefler - Drums

John Lefler, know to both of his fans as "Stickman Ordinaire" formed his first band in 1965 and never stopped. After over forty years (and having finally paid his drums off) he loves it as much as did when he first played "Hang On Sloopy" at the P.S. 8 talent show in Yonkers, N.Y.

He has shared the stage with such luminaries as the Drifters, The Mamas and Papas, Johnny Rivers and was the drummer for San Francisco's own, Beau Brummels.

Not one to believe his own press, John does enjoy one quote in particular which reads " My Johnny plays very well, he's always on time and he's clean, too." John's mom hopes you'll come see him play.

Gary Chiappetta

Gary Chiappetta - Steel Guitar

Gary Chiappetta plays the Emmons D-10 push-pull Pedal Steel Guitar through a Fender Twin Reverb, and has for over 30 years. G.C. is former helicopter pilot, United States Marine and electronics guru. Originally from San Diego, Gary moved to the Bay Area in 1947.

He has played with The Brownville Lady and LD Straley, Harry Moore and the Landing Party, Go For Broke, and Brad Souls and the Lost River Band. Gary's influences include Ralph Mooney and Buddy Emmons.

Gary is a richly textural player with an amazing ear and excellent chops. Gary always uses silver in his solder because it keeps the werewolves away.

Bryan Stephenson

Bryan Stephenson - Bass Guitar

Bryan has never taken music lessons, concentrating instead on playing music and having fun.

The Hudson Street Band
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